Developed in collaboration with leading authorities from the worlds of business, law enforcement and national security, our open enrolment courses offer the perfect combination of theory and practice, rigour and innovation. Whatever your background, role or previous work experience, our courses are guaranteed to improve your mindset, skillset and toolset. Register for any of the courses below or contact us for information on our group discounts.

Open Source Intelligence

OSINT: Foundations

Our popular OSINT: Foundations course provides instruction in the most important research literacies and is the perfect springboard into our more advanced programs.

Tags: OSINT Research Skills

OSINT: Advanced Search Skills

Go beyond Google and its search operators and learn how to harness an incredibly array of tools and sources.

Tags: OSINT Research Skills

Social Media Intelligence (SOCMINT)

Master the mindset, skillset and toolset to research, investigate and monitor an ever-expanding, and dynamically evolving social media landscape.

Tags: OSINT SOCMINT Social Media

OSINT: Online Investigations

A detailed, five-day course providing guidance on how to investigate organisations, individuals and websites in a manner that is both rigorous and legally compliant.

Tags: OSINT WEBINT Investigations

OSINT: Advanced Data Retrieval

Master the command line and learn how to use a broad range of OSINT-specific scripts and operating systems.

Tags: OSINT Research Skills

Working with the Dark Web

A three-day course on the tools and strategies needed to investigate Tor-based entities and resources on the Dark Web. Available only to security services, law enforcement and accredited investigators.

Tags: OSINT Dark Web

Privacy and Security Online

Minimise your online footprint by learning how to secure your devices and manage all aspects of your digital life.

Tags: OSINT Privacy Security

Analysis and Reporting

Intelligence Analysis: Foundations

Our introductory course to intelligence analysis offers the perfect introduction to the art and science of analytic reasoning.

Tags: Intelligence Analysis

Intelligence Analysis: Advanced

Extend your portfolio of analytic tools and learn how to enhance the analytic culture of your organisation.

Tags: Intelligence Analysis

Strategic Foresight

Master the disciplines of trend identification, trend analysis and predictive reasoning.

Tags: Intelligence Analysis Strategic Foresight Trend Analysis

Scenario Planning

A rigorous introduction to the practice of scenario thinking and scenario planning, and how they can be used to build more resilient strategies.

Tags: Intelligence Analysis Scenario Planning

Operational Analysis

A rigorous introduction to the process analysis, improvement and design. Designed for managers tasked with improving intelligence workflows and process efficiencies.

Tags: Operational Analysis Process Improvement

Reporting for Analysts

Detailed guidance on the development and delivery of written reports and oral presentations.

Tags: Intelligence Reporting Briefing Communications