Established in 2010 and headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, i-intelligence operates at the intersection of intelligence, foresight, strategy and policy.

We are a small team of analysts, strategists, educators and policy advisors with a global footprint. Our clients include governmental and non-governmental organisations, security and law enforcement services, large multinationals, ambitious start-ups and small-to-medium enterprises.

We work in industries as diverse as energy, aerospace, banking, financial services, pharmaceuticals and luxury goods. We also support organisations working in national security, law enforcement, crisis management, counterterrorism and anti-fraud.

Although we are best known for our training solutions, over half our work is in the provision of bespoke research and advisory services. All of these activities generate reciprocal value. Whatever we learn as practitioners we pass on as educators, and vice versa. Put simply, we practice what we preach, and what we preach is the product of hard-won experience.

The breadth of our experience reflects our core philosophy - with the right mindset, skillset and toolset, a trained analyst can generate enormous value for the country, community or organisation they serve.

This philosophy explains our ability to operate across industries, geographies and cultures. It informs our mission to improve the research and analytic capabilities of professionals everywhere. And it underscores our desire to inspire and empower the people we work with.