All our courses are available as in-house programs for organisation wishing to maximise their training budgets.

The benefits of in-house training are many. To begin, courses can be customised to address specific training requirements and can combine modules from our entire course portfolio. Exercises can also be developed to help your staff tackle specific issues or intelligence targets.

Further, courses can be delivered at a time and place of your convenience. Delivery dates can be staggered so that you don't have to commit your staff to multiple training days in a row. Courses can also be organised off-site, thus ensuring greater engagement and limited interruptions.

Finally, many of our clients sequence a series of courses into an extended training program that can be delivered over a period of months or years. Doing so can be more cost effective, still and allows us to adjust the program relative to the challenges and opportunities your staff confront over the course of our engagement.

Visit our course portfolio to see the full range of courses we provide. Or contact us using the form below for more information on our bespoke training services.