Capacity Development

We have designed, developed and delivered capacity building programs for governments and international organisations around the globe. Whether working alone or in collaboration with our partner agencies, we aim to strengthen our clients' organisational and operational infrastructures so that they are better prepared to navigate current and future challenges.

We've worked with regional organisations and NGOs in Europe, Africa, the Americas the Caribbean, and the Middle East to strengthen staff skills, improve management capacities and ensure stakeholders have the resources needed to operate effectively.

Our capacity building efforts have supported national and regional programs in such fields as early warning, crisis response, counterterrorism, counternarcotics, anti-fraud and public health.

Train the Trainer

The larger the capacity building program, the likelier it is that an organisation will want to enhance its own training capacities rather than rely on an external provider.

In such instances, we'll train your staff development officers so that they can extend key research and analytic literacies to the rest of the organisation. We'll work with them to:

  • Conduct the necessary skills audit
  • Map current and prospective training needs
  • Develop a training program that can be scaled to the rest of the organisation
  • Develop training materials using your corporate identity
  • Provide instruction on the delivery of this program
  • Support the maintenance and improvement of this program over its lifetime

We welcome the opportunity to support future capacity building initiatives. Enquiries from prospective project leaders and non-governmental organisations can be addressed to us using the contact form below.