Recruitment is not without risk - the wrong person can cause lasting damage to team cohesion, stakeholder relations and your organisation’s reputation.

Our screening services aim to give you greater confidence in your hiring decisions. Unlike other providers, we do not limit our efforts to validating a candidate’s references. Rather, we employ a range of research and investigative strategies to ensure every applicant has the qualifications they profess and pose no risk to your business, its relationships or its balance sheet.

What We Do

To begin, we will contact you to discuss your requirements, the responsibilities of the role, your applicant shortlist, and the qualities you are looking for.

We will then conduct a detailed background check on every applicant using an extensive portfolio of free tools and proprietary databases. We will cycle through a rigorous set of checklists and information sources to verify and validate their:

  • Employment history and professional experience
  • Academic and professional qualifications
  • Memberships in professional associations
  • Social media accounts

Emphasis is given to analysing an applicant’s online footprint and ensuring that what they share or post poses no risk to your business or its reputation.

Our research will also extend to public records (criminal records, credit checks, etc.), and a candidate’s references, subject to their availability.

In addition to our key findings, our final report will offer an assessment of every applicant’s suitability and your risk exposure in light of any unknowns.

How You Benefit

Working with us assures you of:

  • Analytic rigour, discretion and impartiality
  • Our strict adherence to national and international laws
  • The highest ethical standards in our approach to data collection
  • A written appraisal of the candidate's character, integrity and suitably for your organisation
  • Full transparency on the tools and methods used to generate our findings