We support fund managers, investment companies and private investors wishing to explore emerging industries, analyse market dynamics and understand consumer trends.

Although most investors have access to extensive research resources, we are regularly called on to bolster these capabilities or to offer alternative investment hypotheses.

We conduct deep dives on the sectors, commodities and equities our clients are interested in, and provide a range of monitoring solutions in support of their investment objectives.

What We Do

The scope of our work depends entirely on your research requirements. We are typically called on to:

  • Identify, monitor and analyse alternative data sources
  • Generate keyword lists and source directories to support automated data discovery on different investments opportunities
  • Profile emerging industries, companies and technologies
  • Develop custom monitoring solutions providing realtime intelligence on specific equities, industries and technologies
  • Construct and explore multi-factor investment hypotheses
  • Provide red team assessments and opportunity analyses

How You Benefit

Working with us assures you of:

  • Rigorous research on multiple investment categories
  • Low-cost, high-impact monitoring solutions
  • Analytic rigour and impartiality
  • Full transparency on the tools and methods used to generate our findings

To learn more about our approach to investment research, contact us using the form below.