Social Media Intelligence: Intermediate (Virtual Course)

Open enrolment and in-house options available

Our Intermediate course on Social Media Intelligence is dedicated to investigating online communities and profile-oriented platforms. The course begins with guidance on footprinting and the mapping of a target's online presence. From there we demonstrate how to investigate specific communities and platforms and the content posted to them. The course ends with detailed guidance on the use and investigation of images, memes and other visual content posted to social media platforms.

There are currently no dates planned for this course. Register your interest for future dates or enquire about in-house options.

Course Outline

Investigating Users and Profiles

Footprinting Tools and Strategies

  • Defining your target
  • Finding your target online
  • Mapping a target's online footprint
  • Investigating profile identifiers
  • Unmasking hidden identities
  • Investigating hidden or deleted profiles
  • Data capture and collation

Working with Online Communities

Groups, Communities and Forums

  • Working with forums and discussion boards
  • Working with Reddit and its alternatives
  • Finding and exploiting interest-based communities
  • Scraping and monitoring forum data

Social Media Platforms I

Working with Facebook

  • Finding Facebook pages, groups and profiles
  • Mapping relationships and networks
  • Scraping and downloading Facebook content
  • Investigating individual users
  • Investigating pages and groups
  • Investigating profile content

Working with Instagram

  • Searching Instagram content
  • Monitoring Instagram accounts
  • Investigating profiles, content and hashtags
  • Investigating friends and followers
  • Investigating profile content
  • Understanding the role of influencers

Social Media Platforms II

Working with LinkedIn

  • Searching LinkedIn content
  • Monitoring LinkedIn users
  • Exploring LinkedIn groups
  • Scraping LinkedIn content
  • Automating data extraction and analysis

Working with Snapchat

  • Finding Snapchat profiles and users
  • Capturing user content
  • Investigating users and content

Non-Western Social Media Platforms

  • Mapping the SOCMINT universe
  • Popular social media platforms around the globe
  • Searching for social media content in foreign languages
  • Monitoring strategies for foreign social media content

Working with Images and Imagery Sources

Images and Imagery Sources

  • Image search strategies and resources
  • Working with chan sites and image boards
  • Reverse image search tools
  • Investigating memes
  • Investigating image metadata
  • Checking for image manipulation
  • Validating images
There are currently no dates planned for this course. Register your interest for future dates or enquire about in-house options.

Course Details


This course is intended for researchers, investigators and intelligence professionals of all backgrounds, regardless of prior work experience.


On completion of this course you will have the ability to:

  • Footprint and monitor a target's online presence
  • Investigate web-based communities, forums and interest groups
  • Investigate social media platforms, profiles and content
  • Investigate images, memes and other visual content


  • A full set of course slides and user guides
  • Templates to support requirements planning and data collation
  • Tip sheets and cheat sheets
  • Recommended SOCMINT tools / services as bookmarks
  • Recommended readings to support further study
  • A certificate of completion


EUR 1,200


We recommend that participants complete our Social Media Intelligence: Foundations course before registering for this program.


Please observe the following requirements:

  • You will need a Windows or Mac laptop (tablet computers are not recommended)
  • Install Google Chrome. You will be required to install a range of browser extensions, so it is important that you have administrative rights to your laptop
  • Install Zoom
  • Set up a Google account to facilitate the use of different tools
  • A second monitor is recommended but not essential

Additional software requirements will be sent prior to the start of the course.