Foresight - the ability to anticipate the future and prepare accordingly - is key to improving the resilience and dynamism of states, societies and businesses.

Our Foresight Advisory services are designed to help you future-proof your organisation or rethink its long-term potential. Whether you’re looking for a better grasp on tomorrow’s mega-trends, or an impartial assessment on how emerging technologies will impact your business, our aim is to help you manage the risks and capitalise on the opportunities.

What We Do

Foresight Workshops

Foresight Workshops - whether physical or virtual - offer a convenient means to improve your organisation’s foresight capabilities while also generating practical outputs staff can use to enhance strategy and operations. We’ll develop a program that ticks supports sensemaking, awareness, understanding and purpose-driven action.

Foresight Studies

The tools we teach and the ones we use ourselves to identify near-term, long-term and beyond the horizon trends for our clients. We’ll offer a rigorous and impartial assessment of the trends most likely to impact customers, stakeholders and the bottom line. We’ll also provide our recommendations on how to mitigate risks and maximise the opportunities each trend brings.

Trend Intelligence

Clients can also request routine intelligence on the trends shaping their industry and operating environment. Every report elaborates on why these trends matter and offers an assessment of risks to anticipate and opportunities to explore. It also provides an overview of wider trends in business, politics, technology and society that organisations should be sensitive to.

How You Benefit

  • Working with us assures you of:
  • Greater perspective and awareness
  • Improved staff capabilities
  • Complete discretion in all that we do
  • Our commitment to your organisation's long-term success