Policy development is the most challenging area we operate in. It is not just a matter of setting priorities but of reconciling conflicting interests and competing values, often with limited resources.

We've worked with governmental and non-governmental organisations to help them define, develop and implement novel solutions to long-standing policy challenges.

We never claim to know more than the people we're working with. What we bring to the table is our experience as analysts, strategists and facilitators, and an extensive portfolio of tools to help clients achieve the clarity of purpose and direction they are looking for.

What We Do

Our policy advisory work takes many forms. Typically clients invite us to:

  • Identify and analyse the issues and trends shaping their operating environment
  • Map stakeholders and their interests, and identify suitable leverage points and engagement strategies
  • Define and explore alternative futures
  • Reframe policy challenges into concrete opportunities
  • Develop innovative policy prescriptions and anticipate their impacts
  • Contribute to red team assessments
  • Develop comprehensive implementation and communication strategies
  • Anticipate and overcome obstacles and objections to change

How You Benefit

Working with us assures you of:

  • A business partner dedicated to your long-term success
  • Cost effectiveness; we never up-sell or oblige you to adopt new technologies. Instead, we work to maximise the resources you have
  • Improved staff capacities. We ensure that our efforts bring out the best in your people. A good strategy should help staff recognise their talent and their capacity for change
  • Complete discretion in all that we do