We’ve helped organisations on five different continents establish or improve their intelligence capabilities. Our approach to every engagement is holistic, spanning all five architectures of an effective intelligence practice: organisational, operational, informational, technological and cognitive.

Whether you’re looking to grow market share, improve crisis resilience, secure your cities, or advance your national interests, we offer the knowledge, experience and perspective you need to get the results you want.

What We Do

1. Audit and Evaluation

We'll audit and evaluate your existing intelligence capabilities using our Five Architectures Framework. Doing so will help us identify, analyse and resolve the many impediments to effective intelligence work. We’ll also work with you to evaluate your intelligence targets in light of your objectives and operating environment.

2. Design

We'll work with you to design, develop and implement the structures, processes and workflows that enable effective intelligence work. Our aim is to improve the efficiency of your research to allow maximum time for reflection, analysis and decision making.

3. Capacity Development

We'll provide training on key intelligence literacies, as well as on the disciplines needed to ensure operational resilience and flexibility. As well as address the findings of our audit, we'll ensure that your internal capacities reflect your external priorities.

4. Operations Management

We'll work with your staff to implement new technologies, operationalise new workflows, and update your standard operating procedures. We'll also provide guidance on how to sharpen specific capabilities such as requirements planning, stakeholder engagement, structured analysis, and the production of analytic outputs.

5. Support

We provide ongoing support to all our clients, allowing them to contact us at any time for guidance on their work or the realisation of their objectives. Our commitment to you will continue long after our formal engagement ends.

How You Benefit

Working with us assures you of:

  • A rigorous approach to policy analysis and design
  • Effective stakeholders facilitation
  • Breakthrough thinking on long-standing policy challenges
  • Access to a global network of policy analysts and subject-matter experts
  • Complete discretion in all that we do