The 2020 edition of our Open Source Intelligence Tools and Resources Handbook has been completely revised and updated to reflect changes in the technical and operational domains analysts and OSINT practitioners have to work in.

The Handbook is not just for experienced investigators and information security professionals. Rather, it is for anyone wishing to improve the quality of their research, regardless of where they are in their career. Newcomers to OSINT can use the different tool categories to orient their learning, while those who manage them can use the same categories to explore the state-of-the-art.

All tools have been vetted by the i-intelligence team prior to their inclusion. Nevertheless, the usual security precautions apply: always experiment on a dedicated desktop or laptop PC, and be sure to firewall any devices you use for research and investigative purposes.

We hope the Handbook is of value to you and your colleagues. We welcome any feedback you may have, as well as any suggestions on new tools or those we may have overlooked.

Best of luck with your work!

Download the OSINT Handbook 2020