Chris Pallaris

Chris Pallaris is the founder and Director of i-intelligence. He heads the company's advisory practice, serving as a strategist and policy advisor to governments, international organisations and the private sector. In addition to his consulting work, Chris holds teaching positions with universities in Europe and the United States.


Vytenis Benetis

Vytenis Benetis is the Director of i-intelligence in Asia. He leads the company's training and advisory services in the region, helping public and private sector clients strengthen their intelligence and cyber defence capabilities. Previous to this Vytenis worked as an intelligence analyst at the Lithuanian Ministry of Defence, NATO, and the European Union, working at both the strategic and operational levels.


Aleksandra Bielska

Aleksandra Bielska is the Head of Training at i-intelligence where she leads the design and development of our online, offline and capacity building solutions. Aleks has over a decade's experience as a consultant and educator, working with clients in Europe, North America and Asia to improve their intelligence and foresight capabilities. In addition to her work with i-intelligence, Aleks is on the board of IAFIE EC, the European Chapter of International Association for Intelligence Education (IAFIE). She is also Zurich Greater Area Manager of Swissintell, the Swiss Association for Market Research, Competitive Intelligence and Strategic Planning.

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Yves Baumgartner

Yves Baumgartner is an investigator specialising in physical surveillance and open source intelligence (OSINT). He has over 15 years of experience as a researcher and investigator for public institutions and private clients. He has taught OSINT and investigative skills to security, defence and law enforcement professionals and is a regular lecturer on the use of OSINT to counter terrorism, extremism and organised crime. In addition to his work with i-intelligence, Yves is also the founder of Baumgartner Research, a provider of investigative services to Swiss and international clients.

Baumgartner Research

Skip Schiphorst

Skip Schiphorst is an OSINT course-developer and instructor who served 17 years in the Dutch Ministry of Defence. He deployed to several regions, during which his language and cultural skills were used. Skip, who holds a university degree in China Studies and specialises in tactics, techniques and procedures development, has a keen interest in how to incorporate languages within the OSINT spectrum.

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Cristina Viehmann

Cristina Viehmann is the Director of i-intelligence in Latin America. She has over ten years experience as a researcher, strategic innovation consultant and educator. Cristina holds a Master's degree in Political Science from the University of Zurich and an MSc in Technological Innovation from Babson College, USA.


Phil Wilcox

Phil Willcox is a coach, facilitator and behaviour analyst specialising in human intelligence (HUMINT). He has over a decade's experience advising public and private sector organisations on the role of emotion in intelligence gathering, communication and relationship building. Phil has taught elicitation and other HUMINT strategies to analysts around the globe, and often tests these skills through virtual simulations. His academic credentials include an MSc in Emotion, Credibility and Deception.