Clarifying Your Intelligence Requirements (Virtual Course)

Open enrolment and in-house options available

Effective requirements are key to producing actionable intelligence. However, the process of defining and evaluating these requirements is frequently overlooked, to the detriment of both the analyst and the customer. The rush to collect invariably results the loss of time and effort.

Our webinar will offer guidance on the many strategies you can use to improve requirements planning in your organisation. We'll show you how to scope requirements proactively, and how to clarify those that are ambiguous or unclear. In addition, we'll show you the frameworks we use to help our clients explore a problem or zoom in on a specific intelligence target.

There will be separate iterations of this webinar for Asian, European and North American audiences. Please select the start time (SGT, CET or EST) that suits you best.

There are currently no dates planned for this course. You can register your interest for future dates or enquire about in-house options.

Course Details

Learning Outcomes

On completion of this webinar you will know how to:

  • Use a broad range of frameworks to map your research requirements
  • Identify current and prospective knowledge gaps in your organisation
  • Critically evaluate the requirements received from others
  • Improve collection transparency in your organisation
  • Manage the many kinds of uncertainty common to analysts

What You Receive

  • A full set of slides in PDF
  • An index of job titles / roles you can use to automate your job search


3.5 Hours

Course Fee

EUR 200


  • No previous knowledge required
  • You will be provided with a Zoom link on registration